Meetings listed in the schedule have now resumed meeting at the QCMH.  Each group is autonomous.  

Search the complete list of meetings at the QCMH or print a PDF version of the current meeting schedule.  Updates to the meeting schedule should be forwarded to the QCMH Schedule Coordinator through the contact page.

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QCMH Meeting Schedule - In Person Meetings

Sunday8:00 AMAAFill In The BlanksO, D1
Sunday9:30 AMAAMen's Shade Tree MeetingC, M, Alcoholics Only1
Sunday9:30 AMAAAttitude of Gratitude (Women)O, W, SS2
SundayNOONAAPrimary PurposeO, BB1
Sunday5:00 PMCARocked BottomO, BB1
Sunday7:00 PMAAQueen Creek Big BookO, BB1
Monday8:00 AMAAGreat Start WeekdayO1
MondayNOONAAQueen Creek NoonersO, TR1
MondayNOONAl-AnonHappy, Joyous & Free, AFGO2
Monday5:30 PMAAA Vision For You, TooO, N1
Monday7:00 PMAA - SPAGrupo 25 de Enero(7:00-830)2
Monday7:30 PMAARemember When GroupO, BS1
Tuesday8:00 AMAAGreat Start WeekdayO1
TuesdayNOONAAQueen Creek NoonersO, T, BB1
Tuesday5:00 PMAA12 X 12 at 5:00O, T1
Tuesday7:00 PMAASan Tan GroupO, BB (last Tue of mo. Speaker)1
Tuesday7:00 PMAA - SPAGrupo 25 de Enero(7:00-830)2
Wednesday8:00 AMAAGreat Start WeekdayO1
WednesdayNOONAAQueen Creek NoonersO, T1
WednesdayNOONAl-AnonWednesday Wellness, AFG (in person & ZOOM)O2
Wednesday5:30 PMAAA Vision For You, TooO, N1
Wednesday7:00 PMNANA FixO, D, S1
Thursday8:00 AMAAGreat Start WeekdayO, Step 21
ThursdayNOONAAQueen Creek NoonersO, D1
ThursdayNOONCODATo Thine Own Self Be TrueO, D2
Thursday5:00 PMAARound RobinO, D1
Thursday6:30 PMAAWho's Driving Your Bus?O, T1
Thursday6:30 PMAl-AnonOne Day at a Time, AFGO2
Friday8:00 AMAAGreat Start WeekdayO, D1
FridayNOONAAQueen Creek NoonersO, D1
Friday5:35 PMAAFill In The BlanksO, N, SS, S1
Friday7:00 PMNARecovery In Queen CreekO, D1
Friday7:00 PMAA - SPAGrupo 25 de Enero(7:00-830)2
Saturday8:00 AMAAAs Bill Sees ItO1
Saturday10:00 AMAAInwardly ReorganizedO1
Saturday10:00 AMAl-AnonBack To Basics, AFG (in person & ZOOM)O2
SaturdayNOONAAQueen Creek NoonersO, D1
Saturday5:00 PMNARecovery In Queen CreekO, Book Study1
Saturday7:00 PMAASaturday Night Speaker MtgO1

Zoom Meetings

ProgramDayTimeZoom Meeting LinkMeeting IdMeeting Password
AAMon-SunNOONEveryday Noon Meeting875 0835 3329991984
Al-AnonWednesdayNOONWednesday Wellness AFG (hybrid)81939657299979251
Al-AnonSaturday10:00AMBack to Basics AFG (hybrid)5634486355

Saturday Night Speaker Meeting:

Abbreviation Key:

BBBig Book
BSBaby Sitting
CClosed Meeting
DTopic / Discussion
NNewcomers Welcome
OOpen to everyone
SPASpanish Speaking
SSStep Study
T12 x 12