Most meetings listed in the schedule have now resumed meeting at the QCMH.  Each group is autonomous.  Check information below regarding meeting status.

Search the complete list of meetings at the QCMH or print a PDF version of the current meeting schedule.  Updates to the meeting schedule should be forwarded to the QCMH Schedule Coordinator.

The meeting schedule was last updated 01/18/2020.

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Sunday8:00 AMAAFill In The BlanksO, D1
Sunday8:00 AMSAASan Tan SAA (Men & Women)C, N, Green Book study, chk-in2
Sunday9:30 AMAAMen's Shade Tree MeetingC, M, Alcoholics Only1
Sunday9:30 AMAAAttitude of Gratitude (Women)O, W, SS2
SundayNOONAAPrimary PurposeO, BB1
Sunday1:30 PMCMAAll Meth'd UpO, D2
Sunday5:00 PMCARocked BottomO, BB1
Sunday7:00 PMAAQueen Creek Big BookO, BB1
Monday8:00 AMAAGreat Start WeekdayO1
MondayNOONAAQueen Creek NoonersO, TR1
Monday5:30 PMAAA Vision For You, TooO, N1
Monday7:30 PMAARemember When GroupO, BS1
Monday7:30 PMAl-AnonQC Hope and Peace, AFGO, BS2
Tuesday8:00 AMAAGreat Start WeekdayO1
TuesdayNOONAAQueen Creek NoonersO, T, BB1
Tuesday5:30 PMAA12 X 12 at 5:30O, T1
Tuesday6;45 PMAl-AnonAl-Anon Men's Meeting, AFGC, M2
Tuesday7:00 PMAASan Tan GroupO, BB (last Tue of mo. Speaker)1
Tuesday8:00 PMSASAC2
Wednesday8:00 AMAAGreat Start WeekdayO1
WednesdayNOONAAQueen Creek NoonersO, T1
WednesdayNOONAl-AnonWednesday Wellness, AFGO2
Wednesday5:30 PMAAA Vision For You, TooO, N1
Wednesday7:00 PMNANA FixO, D, S1
Wednesday7:00 PMSAASan Tan SAA (Men & Women)C, N, Green Book study, chk-in2
Thursday8:00 AMAAGreat Start WeekdayO, Step 21
ThursdayNOONAAQueen Creek NoonersO, D1
Thursday5:00 PMAARound RobinO, D1
Thursday6:30 PMAAWho's Driving Your Bus?O, T1
Thursday6:30 PMAl-AnonOne Day at a Time, AFGO2
Friday8:00 AMAAGreat Start WeekdayO, D1
FridayNOONAAQueen Creek NoonersO, D1
Friday5:35 PMAAFill In The BlanksO, N, SS, S1
Friday7:00 PMAAPrimary PurposeO, BB1
Saturday8:00 AMAAGreat Start WeekdayO1
Saturday10:00 AMAAInwardly ReorganizedO1
Saturday10:00 AMAl-AnonBack To Basics, AFGO2
SaturdayNOONAAQueen Creek NoonersO, D1
Saturday7:00 PMAASaturday Night Speaker MtgO1

Saturday Night Speaker Meeting:

  • 1st Saturday - AA Speaker
  • 2nd Saturday - AA / Al-Anon Speaker
  • 3rd Saturday - Speaker / Potlock (6:00 pm)
  • 4th Saturday - Birthday Meeting
  • 5th Saturday Month - 4th Saturday AA / Al-Anon Speaker, 5th Saturday Birthday Meeting

Abbreviation Key:

BBBig Book
BSBaby Sitting
CClosed Meeting
DTopic / Discussion
NNewcomers Welcome
OOpen to everyone
SSStep Study
T12 x 12
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