Most meetings listed in the QCMH meeting schedule are meeting at the QCMH.  Each group is autonomous.  One or more members of the groups listed below have committed to holding their scheduled face-to-face meetings.  This list below is not complete.  There may be more scheduled meetings in attendance.  Check the meeting schedule here.  

To list a known scheduled meeting committed to staying OPEN, please go to the contact page and send a text to have your meeting posted here.

ProgramDayTimeGroup NameComments
AASunday8:00AMFill In The BlanksStill meeting.
AASunday 9:30AM Attitude of Gratitude (Women)Will resume meeting at QCMH June 7.
AASundayNOONPrimary Purpose GroupSomeone will be there to chair a meeting.
AASunday7:00PMQueen Creek Big
Now meeting 5/17/2020
AAMon-SatNOONQueen Creek NoonersSomeone will be there to chair a meeting.
AAMonday7:30PMRemember When GroupSomeone will be there to chair a meeting.
AAMon & Wed5:30PMA Vision For You TooStill meeting.
Al-AnonWednesdayNOONWednesday Wellness, AFGMeeting at QCMH RM-2
and also on ZOOM.
AAThursday5:00PMRound RobinMeeting outside backyard at the QCMH.
AAFriday5:35PMFill In The BlanksStill meeting.
AASaturday8:00AMGreat Start WeekdayStill meeting.
AASaturday10:00AMInwardly ReorganizedStill meeting.
AA2nd Saturday Night7:00PMSpeaker Meeting Someone will be there to chair 2nd Sat.
AA3rd Saturday Night6:00PMSpeaker Meeting Someone will be there to chair 3rd Sat. Also available via Zoom.
The following is a list of recommended guidelines for holding a meeting.  Please take precautions, as we do not want the meeting house to close.
  • If you don't feel well, don't come to the meeting house.
  • Limit your meetings to 10 people per room. Break up into groups. There are several rooms in the house.
  • The house is cleaned every Tuesday & Thursday. It is recommended that the house be cleaned daily at least twice per day. If there are no volunteers to clean the house, it is recommended that the last meeting of the day clean. Each group is encouraged to surface clean [bathrooms, counters, doorknobs, etc.] before and after their meeting.
  • Bring your own pre brewed coffee. In order to limit the spread of germs, coffee service is temporarily suspended.
  • Do not leave food at the house to share.
  • Three no touch sanitizers have been ordered.
  • Paper and cleaning supplies are currently at a half case of paper towels and toilet paper with little to no option to aquire more. Cleaning supplies are low. Please contact Julie if you can donate supplies. Cleaning supplies can be left in the back closet or bathroom bath tub.
  • Outside meetings are permitted. NO CAMPFIRE MEETINGS. In the past fires were left unattended and lit on no burn days. Their was a discussion about solar twinkle lighting. Donations are welcome - contact John N. Please refrain from bringing very bright lighting and leaving lighting on. The neighbors have complained about the lighting being left on.
  • The 7th tradition is what keeps us open with power, water, etc. There are some money reserves in place to cover expenses and to keep the house running. If the funds get too low, a Venmo account will be available to accept online donations. Please consider increasing your donation.
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