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COVID-19 Facility Update

The QCMH Board of Directors [landlord] has voted to leave the facility open.  In keeping with AA Tradition 4 [each group is autonomous], it is up to each meeting [tenants] to decide whether or not to hold their scheduled meetings.  Meeting rent payments to the QCMH have been reduced.  Please consider making a donation to the QCMH.


The Queen Creek Meeting House (QCMH), Arizona is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit Arizona corporation.  It is a facility where AA meetings, Al-Anon meetings, and other twelve step meetings, and related events are held.

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Search a list of meetings at the QCMH or print a PDF version of the current meeting schedule.

Our Location

The QCMH is located in Arizona's far east valley. Here you will find a map and directions to the QCMH location.

QCMH Events

Check here for the weekly Saturday night speaker meeting format and other QCMH events.

QCMH Donations

Due to COVID-19, the decrease in meeting attendance has greatly reduced group 7th tradition collection and rent donations.  Click here to make a donation.

QCMH Board of Directors Elections – July 2020

There are three (3) board positions up for re-election. Each position is a two (2) year term.  At the time of election the candidate must be a member of a 12-step group, have twelve (12) months of continuous sobriety or continuous membership for non sobriety groups, and be a member in good standing. You must be a QCMH member to vote in the election.  Current board members may run again for re-election.  More election information to follow.

House Committe OPEN Position – Grounds Maintenance

Anyone interested in volunteering for this position please contact the House Committe Chairman (Bill B).  Click here for job description.

QCMH Annual Membership

QCMH annual membership has changed.  Membership runs from January – December.   Read more…

Meeting Areas

QCMH Meeting Room 1

Room 1


QCMH Room 2

Room 2


QCMH Room 2 Wall

Outside Area


QCMH Meeting Room 1

Kids Room


Additional Meeting Information

Search the complete list of meetings at the QCMH or print a PDF version of the current meeting schedule.  Updates to the meeting schedule should be forwarded to the QCMH Schedule Coordinator.

All meetings are self-supporting, rent-paying entities independent of the QCMH.  Any comments or questions about the meetings should be directed to the individual meetings.

Interested in starting a 12th step recovery meeting, please contact a member of the board of directors or house committee.  They will be glad to assist you in finding an available time slot.


Currently the QCMH annual membership fee is $10.   If you would like more information about membership or how to become a member Read More…

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